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Hello! just to let you know the shop is currently closed for made-to-order items as I'm busy doing a full time tailoring course and unable to make new items. Please check out the 'in stock' section and if you'd like an item get in touch with me via Please note shipping times won't be speedy!

Most Popular 

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Sofia's Vest Top

Organic Hemp and Cotton Jersey


Ashley's Shirt

Organic Hemp and Cotton Plaincloth

Aug2020-15-28 copy.jpg

Max's Trousers

Organic Hemp and Cotton Twill


What People Say

"I absolutely love SOFIA'S VEST TOP - I'll exercise in it, I've been to important meetings in it... last night I went to a super fancy restaurant in it, I wear it to work, sometimes I sleep in it - and I honestly think it's only been washed twice. It's honestly the best thing I own." Immy, Herefordshire.

"I'm finding the FIRST HEMP TROUSERS just right for Spring and Autumn weather when the temperature can change a lot." Bee, Norwich

"I’m loving wearing ASHLEY'S SHIRT  - as well as looking good, I just feel good in it, it’s my favourite piece of clothing." Andy, Inverness

"A great experience to own and wear sustainably sourced clothes with a style and fit which is just for me. Each garment is unique in its colour and design." Christine, Norwich

"My shirt is warm and super comfortable. Everything seems very well made, and it arrived earlier than expected. I would definitely order again." Glenn, Newport

"I originally bought two vest tops from Ilona, made to my specific size, I have continually worn them, they are so comfortable to wear ,the material is very soft but very hard wearing, I have never had such amazing vest tops, totally unique and have just placed an order for four more. They wash very well on a 40-degree wash and will be taking them on my travels to Australia in January."

Julia, Norwich

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