Organic Naturally Dyed Hemp Fashion

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Sofia's Vest Top

Organic Hemp and Cotton Jersey

Ashley's Shirt

Organic Hemp and Cotton Plaincloth

Max's Trousers

Organic Hemp and Cotton Twill


What People Say

"I absolutely love SOFIA'S VEST TOP - I'll exercise in it, I've been to important meetings in it... last night I went to a super fancy restaurant in it, I wear it to work, sometimes I sleep in it - and I honestly think it's only been washed twice. It's honestly the best thing I own." Immy, Herefordshire.

I'm finding the FIRST HEMP TROUSERS just right for Spring and Autumn weather when the temperature can change a lot." Bee, Norwich

"A great experience to own and wear sustainably sourced clothes with a style and fit which is  just for me. Each garment is unique in its colour and design." Christine, Norwich