This was a spontaneous creation, which are often some of the best. I was left with a piece of tubular jersey and wondered what I could do with it. I compost or re-use most of my left over bits of fabric, but this one just formed itself into a headband before my eyes! It’s versatile in use, as a head band or snood to keep your neck warm.  The light weight jersey makes it stretchy and easy to wear. Pop it in the wash if it gets a bit loose , it will shrink a little and return to being a snug fit.



Hemp jersey.

55% organic hemp/45% organic cotton


The natural colours we work with are durable and remain strong for a good length of time if washed with care (machine wash 30 degrees Celcius). However part of their joy and uniqueness is also the way they will change and respond to their environment over time, including the type of water they are washed in. For best results always follow care instructions on the label or refer to the care section under FAQs.



This is a hand-made, slow fashion product, using plant dyeing processes that take care and time, and each garment is finished to a high standard to ensure maximum durability and longevity. Expected lead time is 21 days. For more details on shipping and returns see our Shipping and Returns section at the bottom of the page.

Please note: I will be away in May so all items ordered now will be dispatched 8th June.

Jersey Headband