Max was a housemate for a couple of years and he was always wearing great trousers. One particular pair caught my eye because of the tie at the waist and I wondered if they could be adapted to a unisex style and made in hemp. When I tried them on to see what they were like I felt like wearing them for the rest of the day.

I found a hemp twill that is stiff to begin with but softens beautifully with wear,  turning them into an item of that you’ll feel you can do anything in – even climb!



Two front pockets. Large corozo button at waist and 3 invisible buttons for front opening. Tie at waist for adjustable sizing.



Simmered eucalyptus leaves modified with rust.



Hemp twill.

55% organic hemp/45% organic cotton


Corozo (plant ivory)



The natural colours we work with are durable and remain strong for a good length of time if washed with care (machine wash 30 degrees Celcius). However part of their joy and uniqueness is also the way they will change and respond to their environment over time, including the type of water they are washed in. For best results always follow care instructions on the label or refer to the care section under FAQs.


SIZING: These trousers can be worn on the looser side. If you like a tighter fit choose a size down.



These are in unisex sizes. Overall leg length can be adjusted to suit your needs, please enquire with your order.




Extra Small 

Hip Circumference: 106cm

Waist Circumference: 84cm

Inner leg length: 73.4cm



Hip Circumference: 116cm

Waist Circumference: 94cm

Inner leg length: 74.7cm



Hip Circumference: 126cm

Waist Circumference: 104cm

Inner leg length: 76cm



Hip Circumference: 136cm

Waist Circumference: 114cm

Inner leg length: 77.3cm


Extra Large

Hip Circumference: 146cm

Waist Circumference: 124cm

Inner leg length: 78.6cm


Max and Claire both wear medium. Max usually wears 31 inch waist and 30 inch inner leg. Claire wears UK women's size 10 or 12 trousers.

Max's Trousers


    Analogue photography by Joseph Hayes @theillusionofdepth and Callum Painter @callumpainter